1.       What is Cholesterol?

a.       Odorless, white, fat like substance present in every cell of the body

b.       Fat found in certain foods

c.       White, stick substance found on the surface of the teeth

2.       Cholesterol is bad for your health.

a.       True

b.       False

3.       Cholesterol found in your body comes from

a.       Liver

b.       The liver and your diet

c.       The kidney and liver

d.       Plants and vegetable

4.       What is HDL cholesterol?

a.       Good cholesterol that prevents the build up of cholesterol in the


b.       Bad cholesterol that causes the build up of cholesterol in the


5.       What is LDL cholesterol?

a.       Bad cholesterol found only in the blood

b.       Good cholesterol found only in the blood

c.       Bad cholesterol found in fatty foods

d.       Good cholesterol found in spinach

6.       ………………….. is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids

a.       chocolate

b.       vegetable oil, such as sunflower, corn and soybean

c. camphor oil

7.       Aerobic exercise, such as bicycling, walking/running increases the level of HDL cholesterol and thereby reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease

a.       True

b.       False

8. Overweight people tend to have higher cholesterol levels

a.       True

b.       False

9.       Eating oat bran can help to lower blood cholesterol

a.       True

b.       False

How well do you think you did?

Check out the answers below.

1. a.   2.b. its necessary to ensure proper functioning of the nervous system and certain cell membranes.    3.b.   4.a.    5.a    6. b.  7. a.  8.a.  9.a