Our bodies are designed to cope with a certain level of physical activity.  Now that we live in an automated era much of the physical activity necessary for everyday survival is done for us.

In order then to keep ourslves healthy and fit we need to make a special effort to be active.

We tend to  over estimate the amount of exercise we do, just as we under estimate the amount of food we eat!    The risks to health come from being completely sedentary (inactive) OR mistaking a busy lifestyle for an active one.      We can so often find ourselves rushing from pillar to post, often in the car, that we assume we have an active lifestyle.


Take the following quiz to assess your current level.   Be honest, the only person you will be cheating is yourself!!

Types of activities that count :

Gardening, sweeping, mowing the lawn, (not the sit on type!). Dancing, walking the dog, cycling, swimming, playing sport, exercise class etc.

QUESTION 1. How often are you active?

Daily or almost daily.   Scores     5

Three – Fives times a week.       4

One to two times a week.            3

Less than four times a month.   2

Less than once per month.         1

QUESTION 2. For how long are you active for ?

More than 30 minutes continuously.   SCORES    4

20-30 minutes                                                              3

10 – 20 minutes.                                                          2

Under 10 minutes.                                                       1

QUESTION 3.  How do you feel while you are active ?

Sustained, heavy breathing & sweating.       SCORES        5

Intermittent heavybreathing & sweating                                 4

Moderate heavy breathing & sweating.                                  3

Moderate breathing.                                                                   2

No change in breathing, feels easy.                                       1

Now calculate your score.

Take the score from questions 1 and 2 and multiply them together, then multiply that score by your final score.

Q1 =3   Q2. = 4   Q3=3   3 x 4 = 12 x 3 = 36

Score                             Activity Level

Under 20                        Sedentary

21 – 40                               Inactive

41 – 60                              Acceptable

61 – 80                              Active

81 – 100                           Very Active

I hope that this helps you find where you are now, so that you can begin to work on improving your score. We all want to keep our hearts healthy, so taking regular appropriate exercise will make all the difference.